About Esperite

ESPERITE Group, listed at Euronext Amsterdam and Paris, is a leading international company in regenerative and predictive medicine established in 2000.

ESPERITE is the perfect definition of a company. A company of heroes, adventurers and entrepreneurs marching in good faith. Created almost 15 years ago, our Group went through many successful developments initiated and conducted by our brave contributors.

Success precludes the necessary change vital for its own sustainability, like the wings of Icarus that shaped his power, freedom and loss. We confined our success to the performance of a single product, incapable by itself to support the company’s growth in the long term. From day one at the helm of ESPERITE, I expressed the need for change with a sense of urgency. This was no reorganization, but leading the company to a new birth.

Once the right course was set, we executed. Our ambitious business model is articulated now in three separate synergetic business units attacking new markets with a diversified offer, transforming our monoproduct model into a biotech multiservice company with a secondary listing on Euronext Paris and making strides towards the top of the sector.

We acquire the best technology and attract leading scientists to offer highly profitable and most reliable genetic tests to our customers from our powerhouse in Switzerland. In 2014, we revamped structures and operations to provide enhanced services more efficiently ensuring the sustainability of our stem cells business, while our R&D division is leading clinical trials for broader applications of stem cells in regenerative medicine. We are improving the way we understand and address human disease. ESPERITE is leading the paradigm shift towards a new era of personalized medicine, offering tangible benefits both to society and to our Shareholders.

Our hunger is fed by the search for breakthrough technologies to better meet customers’ health-related needs. We aim to master the disruptive technology that will replace the current status quo. This strategy will create the breaking effect sought.

We have achieved all the benchmarks set for 2014 at a relentless pace. Our actions spoke for ourselves in 2014, and our results will in 2015. This is my commitment and nothing will deviate us from it.

We are born again.


Frederic Amar