About Genoma

GENOMA tests bring to the people the genetic information related to their own health, enabling them to adopt a proactive approach towards health-related decisions.

GENOMA S.A. a fully owned subsidiary of ESPERITE was created in May of 2014 with the mission to become the European leader in proteomic and genomic predictive medicine. This step was taken to support ESPERITE’s strategic positioning in fast growing markets with a great development and expansion potential.

A unique portfolio GENOMA is built on one of the largest clinical genetics platforms in Europe. The latest technology is used by leading professionals to bring risk-free, accurate, fast and convenient tests to the population at large.

Genomics Manager, Dr. Thomas Rio Frio (MSc and PhD in Human Molecular Genetics, former NGS platform manager at the Institut Curie in Paris, France) has established a cutting-edge NGS platform in GENOMA laboratories in Geneva.

With his team he is running the genetic tests and translating clinical research findings into screening and predictive tests available off the shelf. GENOMA has reached a commercial deal with Thermo Fisher Life Technologies to equip the Geneva laboratories with Ion Proton and Ion Chef genetic sequencing platforms.

GENOMA has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with IntegraGen for the worldwide (excl. USA) distribution of REALITY, a predictive genetic test uncovering the predisposition of children to autism. REALITY will provide families and physicians the key information to tackle autism through early intervention, enabling a proactive and early approach towards doing what is best for the child.

ESPERITE’s network of partners and solid relationships with the medical community built over a decade and a half involvement in the biotechnology industry, were a strong foundation to launch GENOMA products. The initial product portfolio includes «Tranquility», a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) that detects fetal chromosomal abnormalities using a single blood draw from the mother; «Verity», a test for the inborn errors of metabolism of newborns and children, using the most advanced GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) technology. Both products were launched during Q4 in Italy, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia and Cyprus. Soon other countries will have the feel of ESPERITE’s presence.


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