ESPERITE N.V. responds to incorrect information in the press on the shareholding of its CEO Mr. Frédéric Amar

December 24, 2015 Group News

It has been stated in the press that Esperite’s CEO Mr. Frédéric Amar has increased his shareholding to over 30% and that he has consequently become subject to the obligation to make a mandatory offer for the entire share capital of the company. These statements are incorrect.

Mr. Amar currently holds – directly and indirectly via Salveo Holding S.A. – 2,863,748 shares, representing a capital and voting interest of 28.04%. In addition, as announced on 23 December 2015, Mr. Amar holds a convertible loan note of EUR 925,565 which is convertible into Esperite shares from 31 December 2016 (or at the earlier occurrence of a limited number of events) at an initial conversion price of EUR 1.89. Conversion of the entire convertible loan note at the initial conversion price would result in 489,717 shares, which in relation to today’s issued share capital would represent 4.79%. However, the convertible loan note, and the right to acquire shares through its conversion, are not to be taken into account for the 30% mandatory offer threshold – for this threshold only the number of actual voting rights held count. The actual voting rights held by Mr. Amar represents 28.04% – he is not subject to the obligation to make a mandatory offer.

Esperite understands that the previous incorrect press statements, which Esperite assumes are based on a misinterpretation of the AFM kept register, have been corrected.

Esperite N.V. wishes everybody a merry Christmas in Peace & Love.

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ESPERITE Group, listed at Euronext Amsterdam and Paris, is a leading international company in regenerative and predictive medicine established in 2000.

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