About CryoSave

CryoSave is the leading international stem cell processing and cryoconservation Group and the largest family stem cell bank in Europe.

European market leader

Established in 2000, CryoSave is the most experienced, reliable and technologically advanced family Stem Cell Bank in Europe with six fully-owned storage facilities throughout the world. We are collecting samples from more than 25 countries and currently storing more than 330.000 samples of stem cells sourced from perinatal tissues.

CryoSave is lead by a team of medical and scientific professionals, ensuring the highest quality of processes from collection through to storage. The dedicated medical professional presence in all countries we operate, provides our clients and partners with direct expert communication and support.


Geneva quality processes

CryoSave is the largest European family stem cell bank fully authorized for autologous and allogeneic transplantations by a State Agency for therapeutic products and is fully accredited as a licensed Organ and Tissue Establishment.

To support stem cell storage services across the 25 countries where CryoSave is currently active, Laboratory facilities within the CryoSave network have been locally registered and acknowledged. In addition to the local licensing requirements, met by the six processing and storage facilities, CryoSave holds a number of accreditations and certifications – ISO 9001, EUGMP/PICs and AABB.

CryoSave laboratories have over 15 years experience in processing, cryopreservation and quality development. We strive to continue implementing process improvements across all facilities to ensure that the CryoSave name stands synonymous with quality. Cord tissue is considered increasingly promising in terms of its potential for therapy as demonstrated by the sheer number of clinical trials using MSCs for non-haematological indications and immune modulation. The proprietary quality control processes developed specifically to assess growth potential of the stem cells stored from cord tissue will ensure that our samples can meet future quality requirements for further processing of stem cells for human therapies


Preparing the future

Processing capacity was scaled up at the Geneva site during the course of 2015 and 2016 in preparation for consolidating most of the European laboratory activities at this single, state-of-the-art, high-tech laboratory. The portfolio of quality accreditations was expanded and will continue to grow in the coming year as we anticipate future quality improvements demanded by the medical industry. Geneva has replaced Belgium as the flagship facility for CryoSave offering the latest in technological advancement as well as cost efficiencies inherent in such a large scale, automated, high throughput facility


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