Esperite N.V. (ESP) expands extracellular vesicles (exosomes) products portfolio to include inflammatory bowel disease.

October 20, 2016 Group News

The Cell Factory develops therapy for Crohn’s disease.

Esperite’s business unit The Cell Factory, in collaboration with Women’s and Children’s Health Department of the University of Padua and the Padua University Hospital have started a translational project on extracellular vesicles (including exosomes) first in man use in treatment of Crohn’s disease perianal fistulas. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects approximately 0.5% of the western countries population and this number is rapidly increasing. There are over 0.5 million people in the US and over 1 million in Europe with Crohn’s disease, with over 10 new cases per 100.000 people every year. The annual cost of therapy exceeds 5 billion USD in the US only (CDC). Up to 50% of Crohn’s disease patients are affected with difficult to treat perianal fistulas, and 75% require surgery (CDC).

Zutphen, The Netherlands – 20 October 2016

ESPERITE’S R&D division “The Cell Factory” implements GMP stem cell bioproduction technology and aims the cerebral palsy as first clinical trial

September 25, 2014 Group News

Esperite (Euronext.: ESP), the European leader in stem cells cryopreservation now entering the fields of predictive medicine and translational regenerative medicine R&D, implements its own proprietary new technology for clinical grade production of autologous mesenchymal and stromal stem cells in its business unit The Cell Factory.

Zutphen, The Netherlands – 25 September 2014

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