Announcement determination of stock dividend ratio

June 5, 2012 Group News

Cryo-Save Group N.V. (Euronext: CRYO, ‘Cryo-Save’, or ‘the Group’), the leading international stem cell storage company and the largest family stem cell bank in Europe, announced today the determination of the stock dividend ratio related to the dividend for the year ended 31 December 2011 as approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 16 May 2012.

The average price during the period 18 May 2012 up to and including 1 June 2012 was € 3.47. The number of dividend rights giving entitlement to one Cryo-Save Group N.V. share has on 1 June 2012 (after market) been set at 43 (or at the choice of the banks or stockbroker where a shareholder holds its shares 4,300 dividend rights gives entitlement to 100 shares). Payment of stock dividend is only made in whole shares; fractions of shares are settled in cash.

The Group announces that shareholders wish to receive a distribution in shares for 29% of the total dividend.

The cash distribution will be payable and the shares will be delivered as per 14 June 2012.

In this context a total of approximately 63,000 new shares will be issued, charged to the share premium reserve, representing a Euro equivalent of approximately €216,000. The cash dividend will amount to €526,000 before withholding 15% dividend withholding tax.

Paying Agent: Kempen & Co N.V.


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