A new era for Esperite

Frederic Amar , CEO of Esperite

CEO of Esperite


Esperite has positioned its goal towards contribution to health improvement. Regenerative and predictive medicine are the bedrocks of lifespan extension.

Longevity and healthy aging are the most exciting studies and subjects for promising researches in the field of genetics and regeneration of biological functionalities.

Lifespan is since the first signs of human consciences and recording of scientific facts, one of the main concerns of our form of humanity.

Then, the dramatic increase of average life expectancy over the last decades or century is the result of a sophisticated balance of genetic and environmental, non genetic, factors. Consequently, Basic Metabolisms, under the control of our inherited genes are modulated by our lifestyle.

The discovery of how genetic basis modulates longevity will definitely contribute on specifically adapting or correcting lifestyle in order to reach a healthier longevity and extend health span.



Engaging Innovation, Diversification and Sustainability

Esperite stands on three pillars,  well balancing synergy and mutual contribution.

First of all, Innovation, is the driver for excellence and progress. Esperite believes being able to identify and contribute to innovative and unique project.

Furthermore, Diversification, is key in order to maintain a proper control for risk reduction. Diversified projects and investment, yet center in a strongly identified category.

Finally, Sustainability. The reason of our existence in this world.

Our management is engaging every level of our organisation in a total commitment to impose our values of excellence, quality, performance and sustainability to our conduct of business. We have engaged an ambitious plan of normalisation and accreditation of all our different business units and divisions. Sustainability is now at the heart of our global system.



Investing in Innovation and translation

Esperite invests in a precise, personalized approach to patient care for both prevention and treatment by empowering the partners with relevant early actionable technologies and information. Even more, for example, Regenerative Medicine, personalized medicine by definition, is becoming more important in the aging population.

Esperite is investing in translation of sophisticated technologies to immediate clinical applications.



Investing in Caring and Nurturing our Customers

We are dedicated to maintaining the strongest link with our partners. We want to invest in products and services which are elaborated with the most stringent criteria in mind maintain the highest quality for the satisfaction of the customers and patients.

Confident in the importance of the right choice for the best technology, therefore, we monitor the impact of that consumer concern and forward-thinking code of conduct has on product efficiency.

We consider as a must the direct channels of distribution. So, we expect our partners and targets to reach the appropriate level.  We are establishing longevity in our network and bringing robustness in our services. Esperite builds trusted relationships with our partners. Together we build sustainability



Investing in our future

We are a team of people with a strong dedication to sustainability. We are proud of our achievement and thank our shareholders for their confidence and our recent investors for their recognition of our effort and its involvement. Our commitment, at every level of the company, will guide us successfully towards a bright and finally profitable future.



Frederic A. Amar