ESPERITE N.V. convenes Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to approve external financing

August 19, 2020 Group News

Esperite N.V. (Euronext: ESP, “Esperite” or the “Company”) announces that it has convened its Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“EGM”) to be held on 30 September 2020 at 14:00 CET at Hotel NH Amsterdam Barbizon Palace, Prins Hendrikkade 59-72, 1012 AD Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


The Netherlands – 19 August 2020

On 14 April 2020, the Company was placed in bankruptcy under the Dutch Bankruptcy Act. The Board of Directors intends to enter into negotiations with the current creditors of the Company and request their approval for the contemplated restructuring plan of the Company. The purpose of the EGM is amongst others to approve the external financing announced in the press release of 28 July 2020 in order to fund a restructuring plan and settlement with the Company’s creditors.

The EGM’s convocation notice, agenda and the explanatory notes to the agenda and further EGM materials can be downloaded from Esperite’s website ( and are available free of charge at the registered office of Esperite (Vosselmanstraat 1, 7311 CL Apeldoorn).

Shareholders interested in attending the EGM are invited to contact Esperite:


About Esperite

Esperite is a diversified investment company group. Established in 2000, Esperite is a holding company, listed at Euronext Amsterdam and Paris. Esperite invests in companies able to transform the power of state-of-the-art technologies and scientific advancements into high quality products. To learn more about Esperite, please contact or visit the websites at


PDF Downloads – EGM 30 September 2020

           Press Release : EGM-30-September-2020-Press-Release.pdf

          Agenda  :             EGM-30-September-2020-Agenda.pdf

          Notice  :               EGM-30-September-2020-Notice.pdf

Explanatory Notes : EGM-30-September-2020-Explanatory-Notes.pdf

Power of Attorney : EGM-30-September-2020-Power-of-Attorney.pdf

Minutes of AGM 9 January 2019   : Minutes-Esperite-AGM-9-January-2019.pdf

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