Esperite N.V.: Genoma enters the south african market with Intercare

February 9, 2016 Group News

Genoma continues its intercontinental expansion through a partnership with Intercare, a South African healthcare leader.

Geneva, Switzerland – 9th February 2016

Genoma is now present in the South African market. Thanks to a partnership with Intercare’s firm Salubrity, Tranquility and Serenity are now the main players within the predictive medicine market in the Rainbow Nation.

With a population of 54 million, and a birth rate of 2.40, South Africa constitutes a strong market for Genoma’s non-invasive prenatal test “Tranquility” and the breast and ovarian cancer screening test “Serenity”. Thus, the exclusive partnership with a leading provider of integrated healthcare services in South Africa, guarantees a solid start to Genoma’s offering within the country. Indeed, with its 4 day hospitals, 4 sub-acute and rehabilitation hospitals, and 16 medical centres, Intercare is a major player within the South African healthcare system, and so will Genoma.

Genetic counsellors have already been integrated into Intercare’s new wellness company, Salubrity. The goal is to now extend this offering through the incorporation of Genoma’s screening technologies in order to provide a more inclusive, comprehensive and complete healthcare service.

As Intercare CEO Dr Hendrik Hanekom said

Salubrity means conducive or favourable to health or well-being […] this name perfectly encapsulates the principle aim of our new company, which is to make great health possible.

The partnership with Intercare reinforces Genoma’s strategy of becoming a world leader in genetic diagnostics. The launch of Genoma’s products in South Africa represensents its first milestone into the African continent. Genoma conciously sought out a well-established, locally-relevant and patent-focused company in order to ensure appropriate implementation of genetic screening and testing.

Everyone should be able to have access to the most advanced technology for their health because everyone should have access to peace of mind. Genoma is today bringing both to South Africa, and will use this as the basis for further expansion later on.

said CEO Frederic Amar.

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