ESPERITE tackles Autism with revolutionary Genetic test FR

February 5, 2015 Group News FR

FR REALITY, the First High-tech Genetic Test for Autism, Now for Everyone

The Latest Release from ESPERITE’s Neurology, Oncology, Metabolic Disorders and Prenatal Genetic Testing Pipeline

Geneva, Switzerland

ESPERITE announced today the launch of REALITY, the new-generation genetic predisposition test for autism. REALITY is pivotal for tackling autism because the child can be tested at an early age, even at birth. This allows for early intervention which is the most effective approach to alter how autism develops. REALITY is a risk-free, convenient, affordable and reliable test, with results available in less than 3 weeks. ESPERITE has acquired exclusive worldwide distribution rights (excluding the United States) for IntegraGen’s autism test, the first of its kind marketed in the United States.

REALITY enables early life intervention helping physicians tailor therapy to the child’s genetic profile, lessening anxiety in parents. Early interventions under the age of 3 —benefiting from the increased plasticity of the brain— stimulate the brain receptors in autistic children to respond in a similar manner to a child without autism. Early intervention improves communication skills, IQ scores, cognitive and adaptive behavior, allowing children to become more autonomous, follow mainstream education and, when adult, obtain employment and live independently.

Autism is one of the most frequent and difficult to diagnose childhood disorders, with a growing prevalence rate (1:150 children across Europe) affecting all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. The chance of autism in younger brothers of affected children is 25.9%.

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