Girl with cerebral palsy treated with own cord blood stem cells

July 28, 2011 Group News

Cryo-Save Group N.V. (Euronext: CRYO, “Cryo-Save”), Europe’s leading family stem cell bank, released a cord blood sample of a six-year-old girl from Portugal. The girl will be treated with her own umbilical cord blood stem cells at Duke University (USA) for cerebral palsy (CP). Cerebral palsy refers to a number of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination. It is a serious brain injury for which there is no standard cure available. The little girl received the first reinfusion of her own stem cells earlier this week.

Ground breaking medical treatment

Medical doctors at Duke University are treating cerebral palsy patients who have their own cord blood stored, in a clinical trial. In a simple and safe procedure, the stem cells from umbilical cord blood that were stored at birth are transfused back into the children, in what is called an autologous stem cell transfusion (using one’s own stem cells).

Parents have noticed significant improvements in their children who suffer from cerebral palsy after receiving their own cord blood transfusion and this and other similar trials around the world hope to show conclusive evidence.


Treatment of diseases with one’s own stem cells is increasing

Arnoud van Tulder, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

Cryo-Save is proud to again be able to make a difference and contribute to improve the life of a child. The number of applications for autologous use of cord blood stem cells is increasing: having samples requested for release, accepted by hospitals and successfully transfused shows the importance of a high quality stem cell bank. Cryo-Save is proud to ensure the highest standards from collecting, transport, processing and storing.

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