Cryo-Save facilitates the first transplantation in Spain to treat blackfan-diamond anaemia thanks to the cost-free donation program

April 29, 2013 Group News

A 4-year-old boy was treated for Blackfan-Diamond anaemia (BDA) with a stem cell transplant from his sister’s umbilical cord blood. The transplant was performed on April 25 at the Hospital del Niño Jesús in Madrid, one of the most important paediatric hospitals in Spain. It is the first transplant performed in this country to treat BDA with a cryo-preserved sample from a family bank, in this case, the leading Family Stem Cell Bank in Spain, Crio-Cord, a subsidiary of the Cryo-Save Group. This treatment was provided thanks to the Cryo-Save Cost Free Donation Program, which provides free storage of the umbilical cord blood and cord tissue stem cells for families who have a family member diagnosed with a disease treatable with stem cells.

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Cryo-Save’s cost-free donation programme serves families in need

July 3, 2012 Group News

Cryo-Save, the leading international family stem cell bank, shows continuous commitment to its corporate social responsibility programme. Family and children’s health is the company’s number one priority. The Cryo-Save Cost-Free Family Donation Programme is specifically designed to offer families in need the collection and cryopreservation of their newborn’s umbilical cord blood stem cells. Free of charge, it gives the opportunity to treat a family member diagnosed with a life-threatening disease treatable with stem cells. This includes diseases such as Sickle Cell Anaemia and some forms of Leukaemia.

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