Esperite N.V. (ESP) with CryoSave contributes to treating a 9 year old child with Thalassemia Major in Switzerland

April 25, 2017 Group News

CryoSave confirms the importance of cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine.

Last week, CryoSave released a cord blood stem cell unit from the state of the art laboratory in Geneva for the clinical treatment of a young boy who suffers from thalassemia major. The 9 year old patient will receive an allogeneic transplant in Switzerland of the cord blood stem cells from his now 2 year old brother.

Zutphen, The Netherlands – 25 April 2017

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EN – ESPERITE financial results for 2014 published, metamorphosis completed, first positive forecast growth at €36mio Revenues (+30%) for 2015

March 17, 2015 Financial Reports , Group News

ESPERITE (“Esperite N.V. (Euronext: ESP, “ESPERITE” or “the Company”) strengthens market position of Genoma with acquisitions of exclusive technologies for fully-certified groundbreaking genetic tests.

Stem cell historical CryoSave’s core business now profitable and improving.

Consolidated operations, headcount rationalization, integrated sales and marketing strategies, laboratories integration and processes automatization completed to yield enhanced performance and results.

Zutphen, The Netherlands – 17 March 2015

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FR – Publication des résultats financiers 2014 de ESPERITE, métamorphose terminée, première prévision de croissance positive des revenus à 36 millions € (+30%) pour 2015

March 17, 2015 Financial Reports , Group News

ESPERITE (Esperite NV, (Euronext : ESP) « Esperite » ou « la Société ») renforce le positionnement de Genoma sur le marché par des acquisitions de technologies exclusives pour la réalisation de tests génétiques révolutionnaires entièrement certifiés.

Le coeur de métier historique de CryoSave dans les cellules souches est maintenant rentable et en constante amélioration.

Opérations consolidées, effectifs rationalisés, stratégies vente et marketing alignées, laboratoires intégrés, et processus automatisés pour l’obtention de meilleures performances et résultats.

Zutphen, Hollande – 17 Mars 2015

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ESPERITE pioneers first treatment worldwide of Cerebral Palsy using two types of stem cells

February 23, 2015 Group News

ESPERITE pioneers first treatment worldwide of Cerebral Palsy using two types of stem cells

CryoSave, part of ESPERITE, is the only private cord blood bank sponsoring a GCP clinical trial according to GMP-ATMP international guidelines

CryoSave leads and sponsors a multicentre clinical trial following GCP-ICH standards, for investigation of new treatment of Cerebral Palsy using dual infusion of two types of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue processed by CryoSave

Geneva, Switzerland – 23 February 2015

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EN – New storage record

January 10, 2012 Group News

Almost 40,000 new samples stored in 2011

Cryo-Save Group N.V. (Euronext: CRYO, ‘Cryo-Save’, or ‘the Group’), the leading international family stem cell bank, stored 39,900 new samples in 2011, up 4% (2010: 38,300 new samples).

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