New freezing procedure increases availability of cord blood stem cell transplants for patients

February 7, 2013 Group News

A large enough number of stem cells are needed to ensure the success of a cord blood transplant. However, the quantity of stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood is not always sufficient to meet that requirement. Researchers from the Etablissement Français du Sang, Aquitaine-Limousin (France) have established a method to multiply cord blood stem cells to required quantity levels. In the current study Dr. Ivanovic and co-workers (Etablissement Français du Sang Aquitaine-Limousin) and a team of Cryo-Save researchers have demonstrated that these cultured stem cells can be frozen and thawed without negatively affecting the quality of the stem cells. An important step towards successful stem cell transplants in patients for whom too few stem cells are available.

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Umbilical cord blood stem cells: prime source for transplants and future regenerative medicine

November 29, 2011 Group News

The 5th ITERA Life-Sciences Consortium Symposium took place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and showcased the progress of stem cell research and promising therapeutic applications. Thanks to solid scientific data, researchers confirmed that umbilical cord blood stem cells are one of the prime sources to be used in current stem cell transplants, ongoing research and future regenerative medicine.

Cord blood is one of the prime sources for stem cells, more and more used for stem cell transplants

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